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Founded in 2009 in the capital of Kingdom of Cambodia, Phnom Penh. Cresittel is a leading boutique provider of IT solutions in South East Asia.

The company has extensive expertise in Telecom sector and experienced in outsourcing its services around the world. We specialize in software development and integration of 3rd party solutions.

Our team consists of a growing number of over 30 highly qualified professionals experienced in dealing with various ISPs, Telecom Operators and IT industry.





The #1 Trusted, Independent SON Provider


Cresittel is an approved Subcontractor of Amdocs. Successfully worked on Projects in Russia (Osnova Telecom), Azerbaijan (Bakcell) and Bangladesh (Multinet).




outsourcingOutsourcing Services:

  • Outsource Product Development
  • IT Outsourcing (including IT Audit, Network configuration, IT services)
  • Managed Services
  • Onsite support Tier 1 and Tier 2


Custom Web Solutions

for website

  • Front and Back end Systems construction
  • CMS customization
  • Social media applications development and creation of a responsive mobile version if needed

Our team uses open-sourced and commercial development frameworks. We deploy web projects on a number of different CMS platforms and work with many front-end frameworks.

As part of the Web Solutions development we are providing the following services :

  • Automation of not-standard and unique business processes;
  • Integration between information systems;
  • Improvement of the existing solutions


Mobile Applications

We develop custom mobile apps for iOS and Android-based devices:


mobile apps for ws

System Integrator

system integrator

Cresittel helps you make the right decision when it comes to selecting a system that perfectly meets the needs and the budget of your company.

During the integration process we make sure to bridge existing systems with new in order to facilitate seamless integration and optimization of business processes.

In addition to deploying new systems, our team provides technical support and on-site training to assure that your staff is prepared for work with new modules.

We offer a full range of services for integration solutions to telecommunications companies based on platforms from the world’s leading vendors.



  • OSS/BSS system integration
  • On-site support/Managed services
  • Automatic Optimization of Radio Networks (SON)
  • BSS System Audit and Optimization
  • Data Migration


success story

Amdocs (ACC)

  • System Audit. Site Management, BSS On-site Delivery
  • Managed Services
  • Integration with 3-rd parties vendors
  • Gap Closing (Web portal and Self service Solution Development)
    • Optimization of Provisioning during periodic processes
    • Optimization of Daily Periodic operations

Countries: Bangladesh, Russia, Azerbaijan


  • Onsite support
  • Billing System Audit
  • Integration BSS/CRM and other modules with third party Products

Countries: Azerbaijan




Human Resource Information System (HRIS)


CreHRIS is flexible and powerful web-based HR solution developed according to Cambodian legislation, which helps to build healthy relations between the employees and the employer. It facilitates and automates the entire HR management cycle in a company, organizes a central storage of all HR information, provides flexible workflows, e-mail notifications and alerts, guides and supports various HR management processes and increases the performance of each employee and organization as a whole.

Since every business entity has its own specific requirements to the HR management system, Cresittel always provide our valuable customers with tailor-made solution, fully customized according to customers’ needs, supporting all kinds of required reports.

Our product is flexible and can easily integrate additional modules and functionalities. If required, any modules can be removed from the system in case customer does not need it. In such a case integrity of the solution will not be affected.

CreHRIS includes the following modules:

  • Employee management
  • Organizational Chart
  • Employee Self Service (Web and Mobile Application)
  • Time Attendance tracking
  • Payroll
  • Staff Appraisal and Talent Management
  • Recruitment
  • Goal management and KPI appraisals

Basic advantages of CreHRIS solution

  • No installation and updating is required at the work places; Access from anywhere with the Internet;
  • Data is stored remotely;
  • Cross-platform compatibility;
  • Better suitable for low-end computers and require little disk space;
  • Client computer is better protected from viruses as the app is sandboxed inside a browser.
  • All kind of Web browser support: Microsoft Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and other browsers are supported.
  • Synchronization with Microsoft Windows Active directory, for centralize users management.
  • Multiple languages support


Dealer Sales Tracking

Dealer Sales Tracking system is a mobile-based monitoring instrument for tracking Customer’s product’s availability at various dealers and re-sellers point of sales with main aim to ensure adequate products existence and marking materials presentation at each points of sales.

Functions of the Dealer Sales Tracking system:

  • Manage the list of all points of sales with detail profile, with ability to create new and edit attributes for existing points of sales.
  • Filtering and categorizing all points of sales by geographical principle / business type / sales representative etc
  • Monitoring availability of the each type of the customer’s product and marketing materials at each point of sales
  • Monitoring presence of similar kind of product from competitor
  • Collecting sellers and buyers feedback related to the product quality and any other important feedbacks, which might help to improve the sales
  • Manage assignment of point of sales to specific sales representative
  • Manage visit plan with schedule for each sales representative to ensure adequate and timely visit of each point of sales on the weekly/monthly basis
  • Monitoring appropriate and actual visits of the point of sales by sales representatives by using geo location tracking using Google map
  • Various on-line reports for the management team related to the point of sales, products and sales representative to avoid lack of the products and marketing materials at any single point of sales, the guarantee  most effective sales.

Interactive Voice Response System

IVR system accepts a combination of voice telephone input and touch-tone keypad selection and provides appropriate responses in the form of voice, callback, e-mail and other media.

Outgoing IVR system allows Mobile Operators to make automated calls to the list of subscribers with Interactive session: subscribers can make required actions within the same call. System generates detailed reports of the processed calls.







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